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?Single-phase inverter LK350E Terminal Function Instruct

Mar 25, 2020
Terminal Function Instruct
TerminalFunctionSetting and Instruction
R、S、TInverter:  380V Model connect with   R、S、T terminals  220V Model connect with   R、S or R、T terminals(decided by the labels on the terminals)Air switch should be used as the   over-current protection device in front of  the inverter power. If there is LCDI, and   it is afraid of breakdown, please choose   the LCDI whose sensitivity level is  above 200mA and reaction period last   more than 100ms.
U、V、W Inverter output, connected  with electrical machine  In order to reduce the leakage of current, the connection wire should not be over 50 meters.
P、BConnected with braking   resistorAccording to the list of braking resistors, choose an appropriate one.
PEConnected with the   groundThe inverter should be connected with the ground well.