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After Thousands Of Miles Of Tracking, The Headless Case Was Finally Resolved

Mar 26, 2020

In May 2019, the Group's Anti-Counterfeiting Office cooperated with local police in Liyang County, Henan Province, and successfully cracked a major case. The counterfeit products full of two large trucks were seized at the scene.

The filed of this case goes back to several "headless cases" at Liuqing Logistics Station in Yueqing. In early 2019, anti-counterfeiting personnel seized several batches of counterfeit Delixi products in several logistics stations, all of which are the same products. They are keen, but due to the strong anti-detection capabilities of counterfeiting manufacturers, the secrets of their whereabouts, the anti-counterfeiting staff are conducting in-depth investigations. As a result, the investigation was interrupted, the investigation covered up the damage, and the case became a "headless case." 


But the counterfeiting staff has not given up the investigation. They believe: "Fake makers will not give up before the desire." Finally, the opportunity came. Five months later, another batch of counterfeit goods appeared at the logistics station. In order not to frighten the snake, the group's counterfeit personnel adopted a strategy of "detours": first let the goods be sent through normal logistics channels, followed by the counterfeiters to the destination of the goods, and then determine the destination of the goods through technical means.

This time, the counterfeiting manufacturers finally showed their feet, and the counterfeiting staff quickly found out that the counterfeit products were going to be sent to Puyang County, Henan, and they set off at the destination early in the evening to squat the goods and dug out the specific address of the receiving company And immediately report to the Liyang County Public Security Bureau.

Everything was ready, but the goods didn't show up at the discharge point. Anti-counterfeit personnel decided to implement 24-hour monitoring. Kung fu lived up to the people who wanted it. Two days later, the target vehicle finally appeared. The counterfeiters were still not afraid to relax. They worked in groups, one group was responsible for squatting the cargo, and the other was responsible for observing the receiving company. Finally, in order to ensure foolproofness, counterfeiters, with the support of Liyang Police, investigated and dealt with suspected counterfeiting of Sanyuan Electric Technology Co., Ltd. According to statistics, there were 215 counterfeit Delixi dual power supply products, and a batch The installation of Delixi dual power distribution box has a case value of more than 300,000 yuan. The person responsible for the case was arrested on the spot and the Puyang police adopted compulsory measures against the parties.