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Continuous Efforts To Support The Construction Of Xiaotangshan Everywhere!

Feb 17, 2020

At a critical moment in the fight against the epidemic, Delixi Electric actively supported the construction of "Xiaotangshan" hospitals around the country to help fight the "epidemic" frontline.

On January 27, Delixi Electric and its distributors Derun Electric and Runbao Electric actively responded to the construction needs of the Infectious Diseases Hospital of Zhengzhou First People's Hospital in Henan Province. Relevant colleagues arrived at work as soon as possible and arranged over 2,000 overtime Taiwan product support;

On January 29, with the coordination of the office and the cooperation of the dealer Junqing Trade, the products needed for the construction of the Kangshan Hospital in Longyan City, Fujian Province arrived at the hospital in time, ensuring the material requirements for the hospital construction;

On February 3, Delixi Electric quickly organized a batch of products to be delivered to the construction site of Guiyang Public Health Rescue Center under the cooperation of customer Changtong Electric and local distributor Minsheng Renhe Mechanical and Electrical. On February 6, the hospital was temporarily in emergency With the new product requirements, with the support of the Yunnan distributor Pinwen Electric, the second batch of product support tasks was successfully completed to ensure the supply and speed of hospital construction!