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Delixi:a New Chapter In High-quality Development

Nov 28, 2019

With the development of social progress and innovative technology, new industries, new formats, and new models are constantly emerging, and corporate transformation and upgrading and development model changes have gradually become a trend. For private enterprises, if they want to seek great development and breakthroughs, they must follow the national strategy closely, so as to seek for the potential development bonuses of the company's internal operations and borrowing from the current situation. As the leader of China's electrical industry, Delixi is well-versed in the first batch of "Leadership Companies for Alternative Development" in Zhejiang Province.
On November 5th, the leaders of Henan Provincial Party Committee Wang Guosheng, Deputy Governor He Jinping, and Liyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Song Dianyu and other leaders visited Delixi Group's Shanghai Headquarters to hear Hu Chengzhong, Chairman of Delixi Group's Board of Directors, on the development of investments in Henan. Report and encourage Delixi to put more industries in the Central Plains, share the historical findings of high-speed development in Henan, and help Henan to bravely advance in the rise of the central region.
Henan is one of Delixi's early steps out of the Yangtze River Delta and is one of the strategic focus of the whole of China. The vigorous development of investment in Henan also indicates that Delixi has opened a new chapter in the expected development.