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Delixi Fights Counterfeit Trademarks

Mar 24, 2020

Brand is one of the most important core assets of an enterprise. "The father of Coca-Cola" Robert Woodruff once said that even if factories around the world are tortured, as long as the "Coca-Cola" brand is still there, it will be able to make a comeback in 3 months. Countless companies around the world pay close attention to management, research and development, and desperate marketing. All of them want to build a long-lasting and trusted brand in the minds of customers and the public.
Starting from the family workshop of “Front Store and Back Factory” in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Delixi has led the group's founder and chairman of the board of directors Hu Chengzhong for 36 years, creating a leading enterprise in the Chinese electrical industry and one of the industry's few Local leading brand. Delixi's brand reputation today is the greatest affirmation for us by hundreds of millions of users and partners worldwide, and it is also a valuable strategic resource for us to enter the next era of development.

Like other national brands recognized by the market, Delixi has been plagued by infringements such as "next to famous brands" and counterfeiting for many years. To this end, a special anti-counterfeiting office has been set up in the Group Legal Center. With the strong support of the relevant departments of public security and judicial affairs, thousands of miles in tracking and breaking large cases have effectively deterred criminals and made important contributions to clearing the market environment and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and users.

In the past three years, the Delixi Anti-Counterfeiting Office launched a total of more than 1,600 actions against counterfeit trademarks, inspected more than 70 markets across the country, investigated 87 cases of counterfeit Delixi registered trademarks, and the value of the case reached tens of millions of yuan. 27 people were detained by the investigative department, 14 of whom were sentenced to actual sentences by the people's court.