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Delixi Selected As One Of The First Cultivation Enterprises Of Zhejiang Eagle Action

Feb 19, 2020

2019 is already the 40th year after the birth of the first batch of private enterprises. According to a statistical report of the former General Administration of Industry and Commerce, the duration of Chinese enterprises is less than 1% of the total for more than 20 years, and they can compete in the fierce market. All of the Chinese private enterprises that survived are "began to see gold in the waves."

Founded in 1984, Delixi Group is one of the best: Since it entered the list of top 500 Chinese companies in 2002, it has been selected for 18 consecutive years, with only 23% of the companies remaining on the list during the same period. However, Delixi is not satisfied with its current achievements. As one of the first cultivating enterprises selected by Zhejiang's "Eagle Action", Delixi is launching an attack on world-class enterprises.