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Going Hand In Hand To Help Xi'an Public Health Center

Feb 15, 2020

On February 3, the Xi'an Public Health Center project started in full swing, and a first-stage emergency isolation ward with 500 beds was required to be constructed at full speed to ensure its commissioning in mid-February.

Delixi Electric made progress in difficult situations and overcame the urgency of time. The first batch of products was delivered to the scene by the first distributors of Shide Electric, Xinchuangyuan Electric, Zhongde Electric, and Huayan Electric. At the same time, Xi'an Logistics Center was opened urgently. In just 7 hours, nearly 1,500 support products such as CDQ1s series dual power automatic transfer switches, CDM3 series thermal magnetic circuit breakers, DZ47s small standard circuit breakers, PZ30 lighting distribution boxes, etc. Arriving in the hospital district, Delixi Electric used efficient actions to guarantee the supply and speed of the hospital construction!