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Government-enterprise Collaboration To Crack Big Cases

Mar 25, 2020

Electrical products are directly related to the safety of hundreds of millions of businesses and homes. According to the statistics of the Sichuan Provincial Fire Corps in 2019, electrical fires accounted for 42% of the total number of fires, 41% of losses, 50% of fire deaths, and 80% of total fire injuries. Counterfeit and shoddy electrical products are not only a violation of the interests of regular enterprises, but also a huge threat to the lives and property of the general public.

In recent years, the state has continuously increased the penalties for counterfeiting and shoddy products. Government departments at all levels have opened Delixi's "green channel" to effectively solve the problem of Delixi's fight against fake rights. The Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Yueqing Public Security Bureau Liushi Branch have successively set up a “Contact Point for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” in Delixi. With strong support from government agencies, Delixi's anti-counterfeiting work has become even more powerful.

In June 2018, the Group's Anti-Counterfeiting Office received reliable clues that someone in the Jiangxi region was selling counterfeit Delixi distribution cabinet components and products, and the quantity was huge. After getting a preliminary understanding of the case, the counterfeit office immediately sent staff to Jiangxi. After more than a month of investigation, it targeted two complete sets of companies in Xinyu City, Jiangxi. After investigation, these two companies have considerable scale and influence in the local area. The investigation is very difficult and the case is in trouble.


The anti-counterfeit personnel decided to report to Wenzhou market supervision and management immediately, explain the case, and hope that the relevant departments will give help and support. After understanding the situation, the leaders of the Wenzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau came to Delixi to investigate Delixi's off-site rights protection and trademark brand protection work, and included the case in the bureau's "2019 Bright Sword Operation" key cases. The Group's Anti-Counterfeiting Office responded positively and submitted all the case files to the Audit Division of the Wenzhou Market Supervision Bureau. Due to the complexity of the case and the large amount of money involved, the Audit Division decided to set up a task force to assist the Delixi Anti-Counterfeiting Office to fully investigate. Under the guidance of the task force, it was carefully deployed, counterfeiters dug deeper and expanded the line, and made dozens of trips to and from Xinyu areas. The case made a major breakthrough. A group of counterfeit products were found. These batches of counterfeit products have been installed in Xinyu. Within 5 districts of the city. Through the task force's use of the law enforcement linkage system, it coordinated and docked with remote law enforcement agencies. After nearly two months of internal inspections and external transfers, the preliminary preparations for the rights protection operation were basically ready.

The inspection detachment of Wenzhou Market Supervision Bureau and Delixi counterfeiters went to Xinyu, Jiangxi, and cooperated with local law enforcement agencies to seize two electrical complete sets and five counterfeit Delixi trademark sales points, and seized a large number of counterfeit low-voltage electrical products on the spot. The amount involved was more than 1.12 million yuan.