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The Friendship Between Delixi And Altai Is As Long As The Cran River

Feb 13, 2020

Due to the country's huge investment in frontier education, Altay has achieved 15 years of compulsory education from kindergarten to middle school. Although the children of Aweitan Town are farther than 40 kilometers away from school, there are school buses for lower-grade day students. Senior students live at school for as little as 1 yuan per meal and no longer have to worry about dropping out of school. Prior to the return visit, Delixi communicated with the school many times to inquire about the actual needs of the school, and learned that there are still insufficient office equipment and extracurricular reading materials, so it purchased the corresponding materials as needed. Among them, the laser all-in-one machine is the same model used by Delixi Group headquarters, and the bibliography is mostly recommended by Delixi employees as parents.

School Secretary and Principal Liu Yongqin said that Delixi's donation is of extraordinary significance to the school's teachers and students. It is both material help and spiritual inspiration. It has strong support from the party and government, and selfless help from all walks of life. Schools will definitely get better and better and become a model of rural education in Xinjiang.

In the 35 years since its establishment, Delixi Group has always regarded public welfare as another important "main business" in addition to industrial development. It has donated more than 200 million yuan for various charitable projects such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, and student aid. More than 20 schools were aided.