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Yuan Jiajun Of Zhejiang Province Inspects Delixi Group

Mar 12, 2020

In the afternoon of February 26, Yuan Jiajun came to Delixiu Industrial Park to inspect the situation of the company's epidemic prevention and control, and resume production and production. He understood the current demands of the company and encouraged the company. The Chairman of Delixi Group's Board of Directors Hu Chengzhong, Vice Chairman Hu Chengguo, Executive Vice President Zhang Yong, and Senior Vice President Hu Chenghu attended the reception.
Accompanied by Hu Chengzhong, Yuan Jiajun and his party visited the Group's image display center to learn more about Delixi's development history, industrial layout, technological innovation, and recent developments. Yuan Jiajun fully affirmed Delixi's achievements in recent years.
Before the scientific research section, Hu Chengzhong introduced that Delixi, as a private enterprise, had won the National Science and Technology Progress Award three times. Yuan Jiajun is very happy and praises Delixi! When he came to the intelligent workshop, Yuan Jiajun stopped from time to time, carefully observed the operation of the intelligent assembly line, production, packaging and other links, and asked in detail about Delixi's intelligent manufacturing and independent intellectual property rights. Hu Chengzhong reported that in recent years Delixi has accelerated the digital development through the substitution of machines, and has already possessed a group of intelligent products with independent intellectual property rights. The level of intelligence has been at the forefront of the industry. Yuan Jiajun praised and encouraged Delixi to actively use digital technology to build a smart ecological chain and accelerate the development of new industry formats.