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Zhejiang Mayor Investigates Epidemic Prevention And Control And Resumes Work

Mar 11, 2020

Zhejiang News Digest

From 26 to 27, Governor Yuan Jiajun went to Taizhou, Wenzhou to investigate epidemic prevention and control and resume work and resume production. He emphasized that epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production are equally important and supportive of each other. The epidemic prevention and control can be more accurate and the resumption of production can be more orderly. At present, the situation of the epidemic situation in our province continues to improve, and the production and living order is accelerated. However, the risk of epidemic rebound cannot be ignored, and the epidemic prevention and control is still in the most strenuous "second half." The more dawn is ahead, the more sober and firm you must be, and the epidemic rebound must not occur before you win the "two war wins". It is necessary to timely study and judge new trends and new characteristics of the epidemic, adhere to the strategy of preventing importation and agglomeration, follow the rules, grasp the rhythm, and implement precise policies, comprehensively implement the eight mechanisms of precise intelligent control, accurately and steadily promote the resumption of work and production, and actively proactively hedge the impact of the epidemic. Two hands are hard "" two wins. "