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Zhejiang Strives To Build A Global Advanced Manufacturing Base

Mar 23, 2020

At the Zhejiang Manufacturing Quality Development Conference, Zhejiang blew its horn to build a "global advanced manufacturing base". This new goal will be divided into "three steps": strive to promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry this year as a distinctive feature of building a well-off society at a high level; build a leading manufacturing province with domestic influence and international influence by 2025; and by 2035 Basically completed the global advanced manufacturing base.

The "Zhejiang Provincial Action Plan for Cultivating Advanced Manufacturing Clusters" formally issued at the conference proposed that Zhejiang should build a "415" advanced manufacturing cluster construction system: basically forming four world-class advanced manufacturing such as green petrochemicals, digital security, automobiles, and modern textiles. Industry clusters and cultivate 15 advantageous manufacturing clusters. Each cluster must have leading research and development institutions, industrial innovation alliances, acres of 100 billion platforms, large projects and good projects, leading enterprises and single (hidden) champions, and an internationally competitive industrial chain ecology.